January Ender

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

What felt like a year, January has finally ended and I really did breathed a sigh of relief. So much has happened with the world and so was in my head. And I congratulate myself (and you!) for surviving the first month of the new decade. Wews!!

Entering the new year, I always have this energized feeling like yeah! lezzgo guys! kind of vibe. The vibe that motivates you to start on a new project, and I don't know, just really motivated. But as time went by, and the new year motivation kind of wears off, I went back to my usual self, the unmotivated one; the one who questions my life's purpose, on what needs to be done but was unmotivated to start on something, and the one who's lost and frustrated at the same time. It didn't help that I lacked sleep the whole month. The struggle was real!!

But what can I do? Life doesn't stop for anybody especially mine. So with little, (struggling) steps, I did my best to somehow push the things I need to do;

  • At the end of the month, I deactivated my FB account, erased my Instagram and Twitter apps, and just settle first with myself (but I failed after 2 days with Twitter because I opened it hehehe to e updated with the nCov).
  •  I was able to finish my driving lessons for 15 hours!! Huhu. After two expired student permits and a new one, I was able to learn the basics of driving (thank you 3M driving school! my driving teachers for their patience! huhu). 
  • Also, being able to come to work so early was somehow fulfilling. That 5-10 morning walk somehow helped me reflect on myself and appreciated the things around me.
Though in between those small victories, I can't seem to organize my cluttered mind, the same way I wasn't able to take care of my room. It became a reflection of what's going on with my life and it's really hard. Because of this, it somehow affected my mood and how I respond to people close to me. I would be too clingy with my boyfriend (kahit LDR), and would be mad at him for petty things. The same way I became a brat at home. I'm ashamed but sometimes, I'm too prideful to admit.

 But then, reminding myself that I'm not perfect and I would make some mistakes kind of helped alleviate the burden. I'm entering February with hopes that I could continue what I did good in January and let go of the things that hold me back to be a better person. Sana sana...

Pictures taken when I'm really early for work and was able to stop by and took a picture of the fields I always pass by. Used the Dazz Camera App in my phone (I think if I remember correctly it's their D Exp camera).

2010s: What A Decade It Has Been

Thursday, January 2, 2020

c a l m n e s s

Heyyo! Another decade has ended, and we're starting a new one. Time sure flies so fast, KKLK!

Looking back, 2010s was the year when I've experienced some of my really unforgettable memories which have shaped me into who I am today. Here are some of those memories that made an impact on my life..

Last Year in my High School Life (2010-2011)
I'm just really glad I enjoyed my Senior Year, all its ups and downs. I mean, hello:
  • College entrance exams? That UST dream na hindi ko na naachieve.
  • Being soooooo active in Facebook to the point I participated in that Fieldtrip movement that caused me to be sent in one of the admin's office just to lecture me about that post. Char. Ii still remember his nickname I gave, Mammoth. HAHAHA.Though I am still bitter about our last fieldtrip not being as unique as it was from the previous years. Char. Feeling ko kasi noon tinipid yung batch namin. Char.
  • That Crazy Little Thing Called Love Thai Movie craze we had. I mean watching it for I don't know how many times. Minsan sa classroom pa namin haha! 
  • And when I'm really using my skills to earn some money. Honestly, I have no idea how I started this but at some point, I'm just doing someone's project/homework (mostly book reports and that crafty thingy) then they will pay me. Ngayon ko lang narealize na ang dami kong time gumawa ng project ng iba kklk! Sadly, may ibang di pa nakakabayad, haha (found one of my FB status calling a classmate about that HAHAHA shet).
Fruit of my labor: the dress I bought in Jewels 

  • And also, who wouldn't forget about the craziness we did on the latter part of our senior year? Especially that time we should be practicing for our graduation, or doing some reflection.
Eyyy. We did this even before Harlem Shake was a thing. Eyyy.

College Years (2011-2015)
Almost half of the decade was spent in my college years, and in those years, maraming ganap na di ko malilimutan, college related man or personal. Hehe.
  • Reconnected with an ex. Hahaha. Unang una talaga e no pero kasiii... It happened on my first year in college kasi!!! The thing is.. we didn't really uhm, nagkabalikan. We just met again, some interaction but that's it. This was memorable for me because it was at that time I realized I should really move on from what we had before. Ika nga, "there are plenty more fish in the sea." CHAROT hehe
  • My mother was back from abroad! Honestly, there was some kind of adjustment from me but it's not the same adjustment I did when Daddy went home (mas mahirap na adjustment yun which honestly, hindi ko magawa even until he left us).
  • My lola died during this time. :(
  • But then, Bhobbie and Bullette came, and they were wonderful addition to the family.
  • I won't forget my third year of being a Pharmacy student. Luh the major subjects. Coffee became my bestfriend. Wews.
  • That was also the time I became active in doing some extracurricular activities, aka being an officer. I enjoyed those times and appreciated the experience of being an officer despite the stress it gave me.
  • Also, for some reason, my faith with the Lord was tested? renewed? changed? more aware? It's kind of ironic because I went to a Catholic school from nursery to highschool but it was only at this stage when I truly appreciated God and for some reason, more aware of Him. Dahil hirap nung college? Impluwensya ng mga Christian kong friends? I don't know. But I'm thankful.
  • It was at this time nung nagpeak yung interest ko sa korean dramas. Maybe because I'm really stressed with school works so I need to watch at least one episode per day kahit may quiz kinabukasan HAHA.
  • This was also the time I got to be more aware of my feelings or how my mind works. Siguro dahil sa kakaoverthink kaya ganon. (See my Tumblr blog esp my posts in the years 2013-2015). I mean, mas may kontrol compared nung high school.
  • The crushes, and the almosts. Syempre ganon talaga hindi meant ehh hehe. But they're part of the reason why I matured. Ganun ata talaga pag nahaheart broken ganon, tumitibay. Charooot Haha. Pero ayun na nga, mga naging inspiration kong pumasok noon pero eventually nag expire din kasi Tadhana said na hindi pa muna. I'm not ready pa raw chor.
  • I'll add to this part of my life when I successfully graduated, and passed the Pharmacy Licensure Exam (despite the slight depression). 
Work Life (2015 to Present)
  • I chose to be in the manufacturing field of the Pharmacy industry because I'm not really good in the community or even in hospitals. Tsaka may holidays kasi sa manuf HAHAHA
  • From being a contractual to being one of the employees laid off to my current work for almost 4 years. Honestly, I'm still not sure if I'm taking the right path, I'm just going wherever this may go. I mean, if there's an opportunity to grow, I'm just gonna take it. 
  • Also, during my first year of working,  naging avid fan ako ng AlDub. KALOKA hahaha! I even went to their Tamang Panahon held in the Philippine Arena (well, malapit kasi samin that's the first reason hahaha).
  • This was also the time I met some of my precious friends (of course aside from my friends in college). My fauwks (who I met through our shared interest with Song Joongki/AlDub/even kpop! Hihi), bajao friends (friends I've worked with in my first job hihi) and team ppg (in my current job though ako n alang yung natira hahaha nagsilayasan na sila sa company e char)
  • And siguro dahil may pangtustos na ako sa sarili ko kaya I got to have a chance to explore the world outside my comfort zone with all these galas with my friends and family. I could buy the things na gusto ko. Yung makapanuod sa sinehan. those impulsive purchases na minsan pagsisisihan hehe.
Love Life through the Decade
 Well yes mga friends, kasama to sa highlights. Hahaha. I started the decade as a single lady back in high school. And I ended the decade with a boyfriend woot. As in legit. Hindi patago. Legal. Hihi. LDR kami ngayon because he's currently in Japan working. I know it'll be tough but I'm praying for the both of us na kayanin. I know kakayanin namin. Tiwala lang talaga <3 
How we spent the new year. From Japan and the Philippines, Happy New Year <3

Me through the Decade
I always believed that change is the only constant thing in this world. Despite believing in it, I'm scared for the changes that is happening. Most of the time, I can't bring myself to be ready for them. Well, I pretend to be (Fake it till you make it, applies here naman?) pero I'm scared. But you know, kailan nga ba tayo magiging ready kundi ngayon diba? Char.

I'm still growing as a person (well not literally haha). My beliefs and views in life may change as time goes by, but I will always be the same girl who likes to spend time scrolling through my feeds, playing with my dog, dreaming of the future with the bf, watching Kdramas/movies and still overthinking everything around her.

So now, I'll be entering the new decade like everyone else. I only wish for this year to be fruitful and memorable. I'll be focusing more on myself and the things I want to achieve.

Happy New Year everyone! May God bless us all.

Love lang hihi,
From Me to Yours, I'm wishing and praying for a prosperous year to all of us. Happy New Year! <3

Tonight, I Realized..

Sunday, June 23, 2019

... that He moves in mysterious ways to make you feel that He’s there with you and will not leave you during your dark days (and good days din naman).
I’m in my depressive state today.
I fought with Engr because of a really simple thing (mababaw lang sya talaga pero ewan di ko pinalagpas and I made it really into a big deal). Then enters existential crisis (of all days). It was just messy in my head. All I want at that moment was to run away, to have some peace of mind. Because of that, I cleaned our house (the things you do just to clear your head wew kahit ang init init nung mga oras na yon pero keribels, nageemote ang lola nyo). But somehow it didn’t do much help. My head was still messy. I tried sleeping. But nope...
On the other hand, when Camela shared that she visited my blog, I remarked how it’s still haven’t found its identity. And that’s when I shared my existential crisis which happened after I read this:

From how I’m afraid to take risks to how negativity has ruled my life right now. I even told her how I cheered on her, that positivity is the key when in reality I’m the opposite of what I’m preaching.
Actually, I’m talking to them simultaneously kaya mejo doble yung epekto nung mga realizations ko ngayon:
  • That I’m wrong on how I handle my emotions and actions which caused me to hurt him ng wala sa lugar.
  • That I’m too afraid, too negative that’s why I can’t take risks to do the things I wanted.
  • That I can take just one small step and I could tick off one by one the things on my list.
  • That it’s better to just do it than end up regretting for the what-ifs.
The biggest one was realizing how God listens to my cries. That He’ll find a way to make sure I will know that He’s there. It started when Engr shared two bible verses that is better than other quotes out there (na mas okay pa nga ang bible verses, mas inspirational):
  1. 2 Timothy 1:7 “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”
  2. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
But what really hit me and made me really cried hard was when he shared a link to Our Daily Bread.
“Each one should test their own actions” Galatians 6:4
That’s the verse that I’ve read. And the reflection just... wow. It felt like God’s the one who wrote it just for me especially the ending part:
What talents, spiritual gifts, and blessings has God given you that you’ve forgotten to appreciate? Reflecting on them, how does your heart feel as you return to God? 
Boom. Feels. Open the floodgates. T^T. 
What’s unusual was that, this reflection that I’ve read wasn’t really dedicated for June 22 but for June 21. I don’t know how to explain without me sounding like I’m inventing stories, but that’s what really happened. It seems that God is telling me something and I should listen to Him seriously.
Engr and Camela seems to be God’s instruments to deliver what He would probably tell to me personally. And I thanked them for understanding me and for being patient. Most importantly, God. He stayed when I needed. He hear me and listened to em. And I’m blessed.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
I won’t forget this night.
It was fruitful even though I have to cry so much to the point na nagbabara na ilong ko dahil sa sipon haha.
I’m still learning. 
I will still make mistakes, but I hope they won’t give up on me, He won’t give up on me yet.
As they say, our lives are a work in progress. Little progress is still progress diba? Hehe.


*Insert All The Feels I Have Tonight*

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Is this Confession Wednesday? Why do I feel like opening up about myself on this day? Oh well, maybe the stars aligned and blessed me this courage to be myself today (like I needed to be me when I’m already me. Char).
This will be reaally random stuff: just everything and anything I could think of sharing as of the moment. Take note, I’m writing this at 11:33 P.M. So I hope you’ll understand that what I’m going to share are not cohesive and just really, really random stuff related to my life. So yeah.
I think it’s better if I write them in bullet form, right? Yeah, maybe it’s better. Yep I’m [mind]talking while writing and I don’t know if I’m making sense but let’s get it on! Hehe

  • I have so many plans. Soooo many. I want to study for Masters. I want to invest in stocks, in business, in real estate. Akala mo naman ang dami kong pera to afford char. But it’s true. I really want to do them but well, limited financials and I can’t make up my kind what I should prioritize among them. 
  • I should update this blog more often. All those ideas wasted meant a lot of opportunities to grow and improve in this field just fly out of the window. But of course, it’s never too late to start right? But I need to give time for this like reeeeeeeeaaaaalllyyyyy neeed.
  • I confessed to my girl friends about some issues I have with myself that affected my friendship with them. It felt liberating but I feel bad for feeling that way towards them when they do no harm. I really need to be a good and true friend if I really want this to last.
  • I need to start, with anything, for example this article I’m writing. If I want to make this blog look more alive, I need to make time for it and I should not wait for the ideas to materialize with itself. I should take upon me to expand that idea into something I could be proud of.
  • It’s weird to be scolding yourself for the lack of action in my life. It sucks because I’m aware of my failings and it seems I’m not trying hard enough to correct them and to work hard. Ugh why am I like this? It’s frustrating.
  • I have so much more to tell but I’m getting sleepy and it’s gettong really late. I still have work tomorrow.
  • So yeah.
Goodnight everyone! 😊

Life Lately: Under the Weather this Lenten Season

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Fall by Jozelle Francisco
Lenten season! A time to reflect on our actions in the past and to further strengthen our faith to the Lord. And it's the time, I realize that I'm a lonely person.

Ang lungkot lang. Ang lungkot ko pala. Ngayon lang nagsink-in na malungkot ako, kasi nakangiti naman ako. Nakakatawa. Pero ewan. For some reason after kong sinabi ang mga yun, parang boom. Parang nagbukas na dam. Lahat-lahat ng lungkot na meron ako. Di ko alam.
For the past few days, I have been feeling under the weather. Maybe it's the lack of sleep (matulog na kayo!!) or my hormones were acting up (izdiz PMS?). So many thoughts were having a riot inside my head, and they're not helping. I can't focus on my work and just doing other non-work related stuff. Also, I overthink, like OA na sa pag-iisip, nagpapakaadvance.

And I brokedown. When Engr and I were talking about the real reason why I deactivated my Facebook, it opened my dam of feels: my insecurities, a subtle jealousy, my worries, doubt on myself, and my flaws. Then, I cried so hard. I really, really felt sad about myself. Even when I was listening to Sam Concepcion's cheesy song Mahal na Mahal while we were waiting for my milk tea, muntik ko nang iyakan bawat lyrics e. Kakaloka.

I don't know how I was able to calm myself. Maybe my pretense worked? Maybe the Yakult Green Tea? Or my trip to the bathroom (CHAR)? Or maybe, just letting it out helped me relieve the burden I'm carrying. It may seem dependent but it's really nice and comforting to have someone whom you can talk to when you're really down (Salamat Engr! and Bes Melay!)..

I realized that it's not really good to bottle things up and trying to fix it alone, kasi any moment, kapag di mo kinaya, sasabog ka na lang. Lalo na kung dinadagdagan pa ng hormones yung pag-eemo mo naku po. It'll be nice to have a journal where you can write everything (or kahit scratch paper lang) or someone whom you can trust and can be understanding to what you're going through and helped you with it (kahit yung simpleng pakikinig lang sapat na).

Well, the point is, ang drama ko ngayong araw and thankfully, kalmado na ako. Char.

P.S Don't forget to reflect this Lenten season ha! Enjoy the vacation but don't forget the Lord and reflect always. :)

A Belated Reflection

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

2019 Bloom

Hello! Yes, I'm still alive haha!

First of all, I want to greet you all a Belated Happy New Year!! Yey! Another year, another chance to be better! Hehe. Secondly, I'm sorry for the lack of updates and it's sad because so much has happened since the last time I post and it's a waste I wasn't able to share it to you, all. I'm sorry. And lastly, here's a quick summary of the many things 2018 has given to me:
  • Opportunities. I was given the chance by my company to attend some seminars that were related to my work and I really enjoy attending them because I got to meet and interact with other professionals. There's this one memorable training/seminar I attended in September. It was a three-day seminar. It was memorable because from there, I realized how lucky I am to be working in my company right now, and I remember one of my co-trainee (I'm sorry because I forgot her name :( ) saying that I'm on the right track in the field I've chosen. So so grateful. :)
  • Loss. It's sad that in 2018, my grandfather passed. It was sudden and it happened the day after my lola's birthday. I know that he's already with the Lord and with lola na which I assume they are bickering up there but still going to sleep together. Hehe. 
  • Love. Alululululu! Haha. One of my plot twist in 2018. I never expect to meet someone that will pursue me and love me. Pero ayun na nga mga teh at koya! Haha. How ironic because there's a point when I doubted his feelings for me (as stated here) but I still gave him the benefit of the doubt. And I'm happy I did it because I'm at my happiest whenever he's around. He became my best friend and sometimes, he felt like a supportive kuya (HAHAHA). Pero ayun. Hello Engr!
I will love you always, my dear Engr.
January 6, 2019. During my cousin's wedding. <3
That's pretty much the major highlights of my 2018. If 2018 is a ride, it'll definitely be a see-saw as how my start and end of 2018 were contrasting. I may have lost a loved one, a friend and maybe some opportunities, but I gained a lot in terms of the friendships I chose to keep, the person I chose to trust my heart and a lot of good memories.

As all with the other years, 2018 is imperfect but it helped developed the person that I am in 2019. And with this is a letter for my 2019 self:
Dear 2019 Self,

Wag mo pa rin kakalimutan ang sarili mo.
Let this be the year for you to grow more into an amazing woman you are destined to become.
Cherish every moment. Be kind.
Be the greater person. Love selflessly without losing yourself in the process.
Alam kong kakayanin mo ang taong to kasi kinaya mo last year.

2018 self. :)

Life Lately: Line of thought.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Do you ever feel so sad all of a sudden?
 When you look back, you just wonder what if?
   Ah.. that evil question.
     What if?
        This is toxic.
           I shouldn't stay in its realm or else I won't be able to escape.
              Stop. No. Just don't go there.
I don't like this.
  I don't like where my train of thoughts are heading.
    It makes me doubt every decision I have made in my life.
      Feels like nothing is working alright for me.
        Even that rechargeable fan I just bought yesterday.
Maybe this just hormones, right?
 But no. No?
  It kind invalidates my feelings if that's the case, right?
   Ah... Why? Am? I? Questioning? Every? Thing?
It made me go insane, says the song I'm currently listening to.
I don't know what I'm really talking about.
 What I want you to know.
   This is just what I'm really thinking as of the moment.
     I feel so lost.
It's been awhile since the last time I updated.
 And this is what I could come up.
  I don't like using this and in as much I want to avoid saying this but,
   I really don't know what I should do.
    It feels like I'm running out of time and I want to do everything all at once.
      And I know, I can't do that.
       It's impossible.
         But everything around me tells me to hurry up.
           Existential crisis at its finest.
I'm smart.
 But I kept saying  I don't know.
  And it makes me an idiot.
  But it's true. I don't really know what to do with my life.
  What I should do..
   What I need to achieve.
     I keep making plans, writing goals..
       But it makes me wonder every time if they are what I needed to do.
It started from this..
 Does he truly like me?
  I don't like doubting him but I always ended up doing so.
   When just a slight change in his actions make me think this.
   Maybe the past truly traumatized me.
   It changed the way I think.
   It's difficult for me to trust anything and everything, even myself.
I'm too aware.
 I'm too observant.
  This must stop.
    I should live in the moment.
     But how?
I don't know.
This should end.
I'll be back with a more meaningful content than this.
But for now, please excuse me.

TYL Vol 2: Happiness and Clarity

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Thank you, Spotify for making such playlist. Hihi
Whether it's just a playlist of my fave boy band or a simple cup of coffee jelly, they can somehow give me some sort of happiness. For a moment, I could forget the things that take over my head. 


I sometimes liked it when a situation can prove my earlier thoughts wrong and when it gave me some realizations I could apply in my life. Like what happened earlier. I was feeling soooo lazy the whole day that I thought of backing out last minute in a planned gala with my friends that afternoon. Pinag-isipan ko kung sisimulan ko na lang ba yung Episode 11 ng Life on Mars or hindi e. But then, I thought otherwise kahit nagsusumigaw talaga na yung inner self ko na wag nang tumuloy. And I can say na worth it naman ang pagsuko ko ng isang episode ng Life on Mars at least kahit papano, nailabas ko ung ibang frustrations ko in life and some untold stories na gusto kong ishare sa mga kaibigan ko. Though naubos ung reserba kong social skills energy ko. Being an introvert has its downside din talaga hehe. After talking with them, for some reason, parang nabunutan ako ng tinik. I feel lighter and nawala yung gumugulo sa isip ko. Maybe because of what Aby said to me and me realize so many things.

[Non verbatim] "Yung kailangan mo magfocus sa mga taong nandyan sa tabi mo lagi kesa sa mga taong wala naman.", Aby said and it was so enlightening for some reason. Maybe because that helped me answer my earlier question which I wrote in my journal, Am I doing the right thing?. And it somehow ties-in in a verse I read just minutes ago in Our Daily Journey "Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God, our Father (James 1:12-18)"

Our Daily Journey. :)

When I first read the verse, I didn't understand it, even the explanation written along it. I even stopped reading and just did my nightly routine. Then as I was writing the second paragraph of this post and recalling the things that happened today, I just remembered that verse and woah, realization (again) hit me. The funny part was, the verse was intended for August 4 and not today but yeah. Haha.

And so, today is a gift from Him that gave me such happiness even in small things and clarity on my clouded mind.

TYL Vol. 1: For July..

Sunday, July 29, 2018

The National Shrine of the Divine Mercy (Taken with Huji Camera App)

Thank You, Lord for the things that happened this July. In a span of one month, I could say that I've learned so much about myself. It's not to say that I won't be able to learn more in the coming months, but yeah.

Thank You, Lord for being so patient with me. Even if I always get to a point where I question everything around me, You still find ways to make me understand how much You love me.

Thank You for always reminding me that I'm on the right track even if there's stiiiiiiiiiiiiiill a part of me that felt like I'm always on crossroads.

And thank You, Lord for letting me meet someone who I feel will be someone who can understand me, would push and help me to achieve my goals and can put up with someone like me. I know and You know, I'm still not on that stage yet. I hope I can and I hope he's patient enough to wait for me. Honestly, I'm happy.

Note: I'm starting a new series titled TYL which is an abbreviation of Thank You Lord. It's like a letter of gratitude I'm sending to Him. Yes, I could just have a notebook and right them down there, but truthfully, wala kasi akong notebook for this and I have a feeling na baka di ko rin matuloy pag ganon (though may chances rin ang series na to haha) pero ayun. I'm still thinking if weekly or monthly. Hehe. So ayun.

It's been 3 years..

Sunday, July 22, 2018

It became a habit that whenever I opened my Facebook, I would immediately checked my previous posts on the same day from the past years. You know, para pagtawanan ko yung sarili kong kajejehan. Hehe. Through that, it reminded me a milestone I achieved three years ago.

I remember how I waited anxiously for three days after the board examination. It was dreadful. Hindi ko maexplain yung feeling before though di ko pinapahalata. Kunwari chill lang ako pero in reality, it felt like each day was like a judgment day. I wanted to pass but I wasn't really 100% confident I would get the title. Pero nilalaban ko yung doubt dahil gusto ko. It's like want > doubt. Ganon.
Wanting to be a Pharmacist vs My doubt on passing. Aye

Then on July 22, 2015, I got this feeling that they will releaase the results. #Omona. Umaga, wala. Lunch,  wala. Then fate wanted some suspense. NAGBROWNOUT. Nakakaloka! Thank God, we have pocket wifi and it was full charged. Wew! (Pero ang bagal pa rin ng internet). 

While I was browsing my Twitter timeline, one of my classmates posted that she passed the boards. And my heart beat sooo fast. Kala ko nga tumaas na blood pressure ko nun e. Hahaha! We checked PRC's site for the result.. and as expected.. NAGKACRASH YUNG SITE. Jusmio Marimar! Intense. My feels can't calm at that time. And after so many dreadful minutes of waiting... CTRL + F... I saw my name on the list! AHHHHHHHHHH!!

[Honestly, I never thought I would scream and cry upon seeing my name on the list.]

Hindi sapat ang isang status para maexpress ang galak ko noon.
But then, the feeling of joy from three years ago doesn't translate much to the present. Hindi ko kasi alam kung masaya ba akong tunay sa tinahak kong landas. I should be happy, right? But hayy. Minsan, feeling ko dapat talaga pinaglaban ko yung gusto ko (Accountancy) noon pero kadalasan naman kasi naiisip ko na baka may purpose talaga kung bakit eto yung naging field of work ko sa present. 

Grabe yung turn of events sa post na to. Haha. But seriously, I don't intend to sound negative or ungrateful. It's what I feel right now. Three years na rin kasi since nagsimula na rin akong magwork and I don't know if I achieve something along the way. Char. Maybe there is and I'm just belittling myself. I hope that's the case. Hehe. But yeah..

My take-away from this throwback is that even if you're licensed, it doesn't guarantee that life would be much clearer for you. It may help you find your purpose but as you go through life, you'll realize so many things and from time to time, will make you doubt yourself and the path you have chosen. But never give up. Just take little steps and you'll get there. As they say, slow progress is still progress. We are a working progress.. (lels. I think I should really engrave that in my head so that I won't forget and go through existential crisis again haha)

So yeah, Happy 3 Years, RPh Self. I'm still thankful that I passed and will try my best to be really positive and be proactive in my field of work. (Pero baka nga may iba akong calling? HAHA char.)
From Me to You