Life Lately: It's Saturday and I'm Starting Over Again

It's raining, and I'm listening to Bolbbalgan4's songs and both give a chill vibe and hm, sadly, it's not translating to me. I ain't chill with this dilemma I'm having (Warning: mababaw lang ang issue ko sa life pero yeah dilemma pa rin hehe).

I started blogging for the sole reason that it'll be like a virtual diary where I could rant anything and everything I could think of and it stayed that way till college. The way I blogged changed when I was on my depressive state during college in which I was soo hesitant to talk to anyone about what's going on with my life and I resorted to simply write them in scribbles or just one-liners, hence the Filtered Words was born. After getting over with what happened before (char nakamove on na nga ba? Yes! hahaha!), I wanted to continue with it but for some reason, I got stuck. I didn't know where to start, what I should write, and what I could share. It felt like if I add something that isn't in line with what has become of my blog,the flow would be ruined. And I don't like that. I realized that maybe, it's really time for me to leave it and make another home for this new chapter of my life. So yeah, this blog. charan~~

Clean slate pero saan magsisimula?
But then.. 

The dilemma is that, after I purchased my domain and made this new site, I am stuck again (di naman ako statue pero lagi akong naistuck sa isang lugar). I don't know what to do, first. I want to flourish but I don't know where to start. I know I should write something but my brain can't think of anything that's worth the first post. Yung pambungad ba sa audience. Para may impact. Hirappp! I'm being impatient and wanted to really be successful agad-agad but I know that beginnings are always this hard and I reaaaaaaaaally need to endure it. Pero hirap talaga eh.

I hoped that as time goes by, I would be able to find my voice for this new home I've made. The voice that'll speak what my mind wants to tell the world, whether it's about my personal life, the movies/dramas I watched or just anything.

On another note, as this is also a life update, so here's what's going on with my life as of the moment (baka lang may magcare sa life ko so ayun, hehe):
  • Finally claimed our (me and my college friends) photo studio pics awhile ago (isang linggo rin tumambay sa studio yun ah hehe).
  • I'm now listening to MeloMance playlist because why not? Hehe.
  • Nagtext na si Engr. Char.
  • I'm thinking if I should watch Meteor Garden (2018) after I finished writing this or any movie I can find in Netflix. Or maybe I should just sleep. Hahaha.
  • I want to watch I Love You, Hater movie in the cinema but at the same time, I'm not really in the mood to watch it either. Hay.
  • I want to buy a piggy bank right now. Hayy..

So yeah, that's it guys. The rain is still pouring and it's really making me a lot more lazy but then I still need to wash the dishes. Haha! So bye for now. Till next post! (wow lakas! ahaha).

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