TYL Vol. 1: For July..

The National Shrine of the Divine Mercy (Taken with Huji Camera App)

Thank You, Lord for the things that happened this July. In a span of one month, I could say that I've learned so much about myself. It's not to say that I won't be able to learn more in the coming months, but yeah.

Thank You, Lord for being so patient with me. Even if I always get to a point where I question everything around me, You still find ways to make me understand how much You love me.

Thank You for always reminding me that I'm on the right track even if there's stiiiiiiiiiiiiiill a part of me that felt like I'm always on crossroads.

And thank You, Lord for letting me meet someone who I feel will be someone who can understand me, would push and help me to achieve my goals and can put up with someone like me. I know and You know, I'm still not on that stage yet. I hope I can and I hope he's patient enough to wait for me. Honestly, I'm happy.

Note: I'm starting a new series titled TYL which is an abbreviation of Thank You Lord. It's like a letter of gratitude I'm sending to Him. Yes, I could just have a notebook and right them down there, but truthfully, wala kasi akong notebook for this and I have a feeling na baka di ko rin matuloy pag ganon (though may chances rin ang series na to haha) pero ayun. I'm still thinking if weekly or monthly. Hehe. So ayun.
Selah Morii