A Belated Reflection

2019 Bloom

Hello! Yes, I'm still alive haha!

First of all, I want to greet you all a Belated Happy New Year!! Yey! Another year, another chance to be better! Hehe. Secondly, I'm sorry for the lack of updates and it's sad because so much has happened since the last time I post and it's a waste I wasn't able to share it to you, all. I'm sorry. And lastly, here's a quick summary of the many things 2018 has given to me:
  • Opportunities. I was given the chance by my company to attend some seminars that were related to my work and I really enjoy attending them because I got to meet and interact with other professionals. There's this one memorable training/seminar I attended in September. It was a three-day seminar. It was memorable because from there, I realized how lucky I am to be working in my company right now, and I remember one of my co-trainee (I'm sorry because I forgot her name :( ) saying that I'm on the right track in the field I've chosen. So so grateful. :)
  • Loss. It's sad that in 2018, my grandfather passed. It was sudden and it happened the day after my lola's birthday. I know that he's already with the Lord and with lola na which I assume they are bickering up there but still going to sleep together. Hehe. 
  • Love. Alululululu! Haha. One of my plot twist in 2018. I never expect to meet someone that will pursue me and love me. Pero ayun na nga mga teh at koya! Haha. How ironic because there's a point when I doubted his feelings for me (as stated here) but I still gave him the benefit of the doubt. And I'm happy I did it because I'm at my happiest whenever he's around. He became my best friend and sometimes, he felt like a supportive kuya (HAHAHA). Pero ayun. Hello Engr!
I will love you always, my dear Engr.
January 6, 2019. During my cousin's wedding. <3
That's pretty much the major highlights of my 2018. If 2018 is a ride, it'll definitely be a see-saw as how my start and end of 2018 were contrasting. I may have lost a loved one, a friend and maybe some opportunities, but I gained a lot in terms of the friendships I chose to keep, the person I chose to trust my heart and a lot of good memories.

As all with the other years, 2018 is imperfect but it helped developed the person that I am in 2019. And with this is a letter for my 2019 self:
Dear 2019 Self,

Wag mo pa rin kakalimutan ang sarili mo.
Let this be the year for you to grow more into an amazing woman you are destined to become.
Cherish every moment. Be kind.
Be the greater person. Love selflessly without losing yourself in the process.
Alam kong kakayanin mo ang taong to kasi kinaya mo last year.

2018 self. :)
Selah Morii