*Insert All The Feels I Have Tonight*

By Katarzyna Grabowska

Is this Confession Wednesday? Why do I feel like opening up about myself on this day? Oh well, maybe the stars aligned and blessed me this courage to be myself today (like I needed to be me when I’m already me. Char).
This will be reaally random stuff: just everything and anything I could think of sharing as of the moment. Take note, I’m writing this at 11:33 P.M. So I hope you’ll understand that what I’m going to share are not cohesive and just really, really random stuff related to my life. So yeah.
I think it’s better if I write them in bullet form, right? Yeah, maybe it’s better. Yep I’m [mind]talking while writing and I don’t know if I’m making sense but let’s get it on! Hehe

  • I have so many plans. Soooo many. I want to study for Masters. I want to invest in stocks, in business, in real estate. Akala mo naman ang dami kong pera to afford char. But it’s true. I really want to do them but well, limited financials and I can’t make up my kind what I should prioritize among them. 
  • I should update this blog more often. All those ideas wasted meant a lot of opportunities to grow and improve in this field just fly out of the window. But of course, it’s never too late to start right? But I need to give time for this like reeeeeeeeaaaaalllyyyyy neeed.
  • I confessed to my girl friends about some issues I have with myself that affected my friendship with them. It felt liberating but I feel bad for feeling that way towards them when they do no harm. I really need to be a good and true friend if I really want this to last.
  • I need to start, with anything, for example this article I’m writing. If I want to make this blog look more alive, I need to make time for it and I should not wait for the ideas to materialize with itself. I should take upon me to expand that idea into something I could be proud of.
  • It’s weird to be scolding yourself for the lack of action in my life. It sucks because I’m aware of my failings and it seems I’m not trying hard enough to correct them and to work hard. Ugh why am I like this? It’s frustrating.
  • I have so much more to tell but I’m getting sleepy and it’s gettong really late. I still have work tomorrow.
  • So yeah.
Goodnight everyone! 😊
Selah Morii