Thank You, 2020


flowers for you

20 things I'm thankful for the year that was 2020:

  1. I end the year still healthy and COVID-19 free (same with my loved ones).
  2. I still have a job that provides for my needs and wants and being able to still contribute to the family.
  3. Had a chance to expose myself to a community of fellow Filipinos who were financially literate and because of this, it helped expand the existing knowledge I have to growing my income and investments.
  4. In relation to #3, I was able to open my first investment (aside from savings in a traditional bank).
  5. A blessing was given which helped me pay for the remaining dues in our car.
  6. I met new friends through games and in the reddit/discord group.
  7. My family may not be able to travel out of the country as planned as it was cancelled, we were able to use the refund to have our dream to go back to our house realized.
  8. My cousin was able to finally opened her shop in our grandparent's place (more meryendas!! and exposure to milk teas uwu)
  9. Pulled myself to make my first ever coffee jelly (one of my favorite desserts).
  10. Finally come up with a [slight] original blog title for this passion project of mine. I hope I could expound more about it in the coming days.
  11. Having Maki (my black shih tzu) as our new addition to the family. 🐶
  12. Despite having been miles apart and some fights, our relationship (me and Engr's) still survived 2020.
  13. And I'm really thankful that finance is not a taboo topic in our relationship, that's why I'm thankful to have him as a finance buddy (he's not aware about his new title but yeah hahaha). Talking about our possible investment, teaching about strategies in stock market (mostly him teaching me Technical Analysis), and reminding one another to be thrifty as possible (but well still ended up spending a lot hahaha but for necessary things naman!😅)
  14. I'm with my family during the pandemic. If I was alone, I may have survive but my mental health would really take a toll (to anyone who's alone right now in dealing this pandemic, I hope you know that you'll be in my prayers, to ask for the guidance, peace and protection you all be needing. Let's get this through <3 ).
  15. Wonderful shows and movies made available in Netflix that somehow compensate to the lack of social interactions. Hehe 
  16. When online transaction became the normal, and thankfully made life easier. Bye long lines in ATM! in Banks!
  17. Finally applied for a non-professional driver's license!! Woot. Although I'm still driving with my mother by my side because I'm still not that yet confident to be left alone in a car. hehe. Need more practice and confidence. 
  18. Learning more about how to navigate and make the most out of MS Excel/ Google Spreadsheets. It is such a wonderful application. hehe
  19. Although I've been procrastinating, still thankful I was accepted for a scholarship in DOST's program: Project Sparta. This project would teach you about Data Science although it may be different in terms of the pathway you'll choose (I chose the Data Analyst hehe).
  20. Lastly.. the new lessons I've learned this year especially about Financial Independence. Although I'm still far from it, I'm striving to achieve it thanks to the resources I've come to find and encountered during the quarantine.

2020 may have been rough, but somehow finding some silver linings or bright spots in this dark year made it quite worth it? This year really tested my outlooks in life, what I need to strive to improve on, the things I need to stop doing because I realized it's  not doing me any good, and made me realize those people and some things that are important to me and needed to be cherished more.

Despite mostly the downs, thank you 2020 for a really unforgettable year. Here's to a hopeful 2021!

Selah Morii